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Urban growing facility, model Golda


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  • Model:1GOLDA1.0

Compact, full-featured growing system, complete with all the necessary equipment:
- built-in universal drip irrigation system that ensures uniform watering of all plants;
- a fine filter to ensure the operating conditions of the equipment and its long-term performance;
- a dosing pump for proportional addition of fertilizers, which supplies fertilizers to the root zone of plants in a constant mode;
- drainage system;
-automatic irrigation control operating in independently configurable mode, smart controller configurable via a smartphone app.

The installation design schemes are supplied in the kit, which allows customer to independently select the material and make it in accordance with his own requirements for height, length, and width.

it is necessary to ensure the connection of the facility to the water supply with minimum water pressure at the inlet to the system of 0.9 atm.

No power supply required.
Dosing pump starts working automatically when water flows in, and stops when the flow stops. It is possible to stop the suction operation by switching on/off button.
Smart irrigation controller is internal battery operated. Smartphone requirements - iOS7 or Android V4.3.

All components have a 1-year warranty, subject to the operating rules described in the accompanying documentation.


  • Model:1GOLDA1.0
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