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Irrigation controller GALCON


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  • Model:GAE5S0002U1

Operation of 4 to 12 valves plus a master valve (or pump to increase the pressure).
Operation of 2 valves simultaneously plus a master valve.
Separate irrigation schedule programmable for each valve.
Use of 24V AC electric valves. Operation by means of a 24V AC - 230V AC transformer (included). 9V battery program backup.
Valve assignment to a lockout sensor.
Programmable weekly/cyclical irrigation schedules.
Up to 4 irrigation activations per day per valve in programmable weekly schedule mode.
Irrigation duration: 1 minute to 12 hours with frequency once a day to once every thirty days or 1 second to 12 hours with frequency once a minute to once every thirty days (model S).

  • Model:GAE5S0002U1

Available Options

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